Growing up and living inside of many different cultures made me see many things. Things invisible to those only living predominantly in one culture.
It is human nature to see yourself and your own group as completely rational, while others are just being emotional, stupid or insane. However when you live between multiple cultures, you realize how meaningful some silly things can be. And how strange many normal habits are.

Take the best of any culture. Don’t just blindly copy.

If you don’t understand those different from you, you will not truly know yourself.
It is through our differences that we know each other and ourselves.
True self-awareness, comes from true compassion.

The Problem

However the process is not so straightforward.
When people with different values and customs interact, their differences may lead to conflict.

This also includes the big miscommunication problem between:

  • teenagers and adults
  • men and women
  • those who prefer some status quo and those who want change

Not properly addressed, this results in

  • dysfunctional group dynamics
  • unnecessary conflict
  • huge waste in time, effort and wealth

but more importantly…

  • loss of trust among people, and even
  • severe mental health issues

This is one of the most important issues I see people are dealing with today.
I hope for us to see these different perspectives and create mutual understanding.

The Goal of This Blog

Thus the purpose of this blog is to…

Improve our understanding and strategies to
create better relationships and decisions.

One of the most important ways to do this is to increase self-knowledge. Therefore this blog is written…

With a focus on human behavior and perceptions.

The Name

The horizon is the boundary between the seen and unseen.
The known and unknown.
The more you know,
the more you realize you don’t know.

When we humans went to outer space and took pictures of the earth,
we could still only see one side of the earth at a time.
And even if we take multiple pictures from every angle,
the resolution is too low to clearly see the background.
With special telescopes we may even see the edges of the observable universe,
but what is beyond that can only be speculated about.
We may speculate about the future,
but none can predict his own life and death.

Knowledge cannot only be known,
the good must be experienced
and the bad overcome.

The expanding horizon
must be walked on.
One step at a time.