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The Great Santa Myth Everyone is Still Trapped in RIGHT NOW!

Let me tell you about the secret ‘Santa Myth’ hidden inside each and every one of your communities. Even those totally unrelated to Christianity, Christmas or Paganism. Although the details of national traditions are different, there are cross-cultural similarities. Those universal similarities reveal the essence of what makes us human.


Qualities The Best Leader Must Possess

Illustrating the qualities of ideal leaders in the form of blank verse poetry. The ideal we should strive for. Not how most leaders actually are.


The Evil of Distrust and Nobility of Trust

Trust and good speech is a matter of life and death.

Ignorance leads to distrust
distrust leads to evil gossip
evil gossip leads to hate
hate leads to conflict
conflict leads to
people killing each other.


Freedom of Thought: How to Respond to The Attacks

This was originally written after the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris.
Regarding social unrest, killings, wars and oppression.

Many want freedom of speech,
but refuse the responsibility to think.

Regardless who did what and how, the more important thing in the big picture is how ‘the people’ and governments react to it.
How you yourself respond to it!

How not to act & What not to fall for


Emotions Change … Consequences Remain

“If it is not advantageous,
do not move.
If goals cannot be reached,
do not act.
Unless endangered,
do not attack.
The ruler cannot start wars
out of personal anger.
The general cannot
engage in battle
due to personal frustration. (more…)