I love brevity. It is powerful and brings clarity. However it often cannot exist without ambiguity.
I cherish clarity. But without different perspectives and ambiguity, reading become boring.
There would be no sense of discovery.

Life is an art, not an equation.
So take a step back, and put everything in perspective.
To develop a good strong conclusion,
we need to explore and describe different opinions.
So please reserve judgment, until you read any article completely.

I intend to write as universal as I can.
As best as the topic allows.
But it is not always realistic.
Simply not possible.

I will sometimes discuss matters from an Islamic background.
However the lessons in them are universal
and apply to all.
I hope you will see the benefit in it.
I hope it will benefit you.

Forgive me for my mistakes.
I try my best.
No human writes without error.
But I hope my good, overshadows my faults.

May Peace and Blessings be upon you.