Freedom of Thought: How to Respond to The Attacks

This was originally written after the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris.
Regarding social unrest, killings, wars and oppression.

Many want freedom of speech,
but refuse the responsibility to think.

Regardless who did what and how, the more important thing in the big picture is how ‘the people’ and governments react to it.
How you yourself respond to it!

How not to act & What not to fall for

Note: while God and democracy are mentioned here, they are not the point of this post. If you wish to discuss those topics, there are better forums for that elsewhere. If you don’t believe in a God, then read the post metaphorically. Furthermore when “democracy” was mentioned here, I was referring to the way it is twisted by people to mean anything they want. The point of this post is human behavior. How we ourselves should best respond and not just react.

A * Divide and Rule  *

To prevent unified action against those in power.
Non-Muslims vs Muslims, immigrants vs natives, men vs women, young vs old etc.

B * Divert and Contain *

Focus on external enemies, threats and wars to divert the people from internal leadership problems and to punish those who don’t obey because “you are either with us, or you are with the enemy”.

C * Wolf in sheep’s clothing *

Pretend to only fight terrorist and not Muslims nor Islam, while killing millions of Muslims in wars around the world and actively suppressing Islamic movements using secular dictatorships.

Some of the best lies of the devil are:

  1. “God does not exist”
  2. “God is evil → 
    the universe is evil → 
    people are inherently evil → 
    you are evil!”
  3. “The devil does not exist”
  4. “I am you, and my will is your will”
  1. You cannot strive for a goal
    you don’t believe exists.
  2. You will not strive for a goal
    that is not worth fighting for.
  3. You cannot resist an enemy
    you don’t believe exists.
  4. You won’t fight something
    you believe is yourself.

The people will not resist a government they believe represents them.
Based on the lie that “elections represent the will of the people”,
“governments only act as servants of the people”,
but that at the same time
“the people are not responsible for the crimes of their governments”
Simply put, the fairy tale of “democracy”.

This is a form of…

D * Having the best of all worlds *

Claim freedom of speech is essential for creating political change and improving the value of life. Also claim you can say whatever you want because it doesn’t physically affect anyone anyway. But in the end the government bans any speech that those in power don’t agree with.

E * Poison the bait *

Build up support for “a noble cause” (freedom, justice, human rights),
while actually using people’s energy to support your own personal goals
(more censorship, more corruption, less actual rights).
To do this you need to…

F * Create fear for people to beg for your solution *

  1. Create a crisis or take advantage of an existing crisis
  2. People will demand reaction
  3. Present the people your solution

G * Hide in plain sight *

Where hiding information is difficult, just flood the people with a tsunami of lies. Have the people running around in circles, chasing many dead ends.

“You can fool all the people some of the time,
and some of the people all the time,
but you cannot fool all the people
all the time.”

However you can usually fool enough people most of the time.

H * Take the hill before the battle *

Manipulation works, but power is better. So the powerful will always try to increase their power. The extremely wealthy strive to increase the wealth gap, bureaucracies will strive to increase their budgets and governments will strive to increase their power.

How we should respond

A. * Don’t let the past destroy the future *

Make peace between conflicting parties

B. * Focus and connect *

Prioritize own actions and emphasize
similarities instead of differences

C. * Don’t kill the sheep while hunting the wolf *

Don’t blame all Muslims and Islam for the crimes of some killers.
Don’t blame all westerners for the crimes of their corrupt governments.

D. * Reality is the best world *

Paradise is not a place on earth.
But Hell is also not a place on earth.

E. * Know what you want, before you react to what you don’t want *

Those who don’t have a goal,
are forced to follow those who do.

F. * Don’t react on instinct respond with insight *

Uncontrolled fear blocks  any meaningful reflection.

G. * Don’t eat from the sewer *

If you want good information
don’t rely on untrustworthy sources
and don’t surround yourself with lies.

H. * Profit from the fertile valley *

The weak have many advantages the powerful don’t have.
Numbers, compassion, solidarity, direct experience etc.
But they are only useful if utilized correctly.

This article “On responses to terrorism” describes how counterproductive people instinctively react without thinking. Bombing people oversees, as a response to attacks by locals at home is just stupid.